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Nonnte's aesthetic
Things Nonnte thinks are pretty. 
For the contest at IV

pictures belong to the internet, i just edited them
Nepheline [IV]
″The true soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him.″


Name: Nepheline Skoll
Nicknames: Nep, Neppi, Ine, Inny, Werebabe
Age: Around 600 years old, but is too shy to say.
Gender: Female

Race: Werewolf Witch
Ethnicity: Swedish French

Job: Unemployed

▌Nail Polish

█ ▌FITE┊

Nepheline prefers to fight in her lycan form - a black wolf large enough to be mounted with golden paws and eyes. Her attacks are more based on her fists rather than her magic use, or her magic is not used at all. Her magic use is very minor - she uses lightning elemental magic, her roars and bites igniting lightning strikes and flashes.
She uses her witch blood mainly for brewing potions and helping her with house chores, stuff like that.


Romantic / Sexual Orientation: Demisexual Demiromantic
████ ██ ███████████████
″My little angry baby brother. He's funny and is a very good maid.″

″She is tiny and soooo cute. I enjoy sparring with her.″

″He's a smart ass. But I admire his strength and patience. Reeeeaally suspicious...″

If the characters are compatible, yes. 


The first thing you'll notice about Nepheline is her razor-sharp wit, busy reading or studying alone. Underneath it all, Nep over thinks just about every situation and stresses out far more than she's ever willing to show. She takes things to heart and can be sensitive, even negative towards herself. She's very suspicious of the people she meets and worries what their true intentions are. She has no aversion to intimidating those around her, and will gladly fight anyone who gets on her bad side or steps on her. She takes no nonsense, and gives none in return. Nepheline holds a very strong sense of moral justice, and the whole tough gal persona was built on simply to survive in the lifestyle she chose for herself. Her willpower, passion and ambition blaze like a wildfire, and if one's not careful enough they'll find themselves being swept up by her talk of heroic ideals. Those that make it within her inner circle are held in high regard for Nep. Touch one of them and you may as well hunker down, for the siren of war has been sounded and the great avenger will be out for your blood.

When she's not out cracking skulls or smacking around enemies upstarts, Nepheline can be found simply chillin' out in a tavern, library or a gaming store. Frequenters of either know of the more playful nature of the otherwise rough and tumble personality. The gal's not above messing with people for gits and shiggles, be it jabs during a conversation or full blown pranks. Nepheline thrives on high energy events and thrilling moments, so the more of them she can make the better her day is. Furthermore, though she's expressed no interest in romance aside from her calling, that doesn't keep her from making what sounds like flirtatious (and sometimes downright raunchy) comments just to be witty. On the flip side, she's quite oblivious to others legitimately coming on to her. She's not good with the feels in general, and when faced with a crying individual she'll more than likely go track someone else down to handle it. Or put them in a closet. Whichever is more convenient at the time.


You're gonna have to unlock her Tragic Backstory™ yourself through interaction.

✎ She's found a comfortable place to be and she's reluclant to leave it.
✎ She lived with her parents until having an unpleasant
✎ encounter with a rude vampire named Nonnte™. Using the same
✎ sharp wit, she tricked and toyed with his way of wording things.
✎ And earned herself a vampiric villa with him as her maid servant.
✎ It's nice, but too dark for her taste.


Voice Claim

Notes and Discord. c:
Lit, script or just headcanons!

- 6'4", same height as Nonnte
- LOVES books
- trust issues™
- bad ex boyfriend
- was a chubby girl for most of her life. she has been working out for around ten years now
- calmed by thunderstorms and rain
- likes to play Mystic Messenger and other dating games
- has a crush on Inuyasha
Nonnte [Indieville]

NAME: Nonnte                 GENDER: Male
AGE: 66 (he's a Capricorn) CLASS: BERSERKER
Favorite Food: Strawberry Chocolate 
Job: Servant / Errant boy 

- toothbrush. his favorite. it's so soft
- phone. Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime. Sometimes cries when it crashes down on him
- weddings rings. he's always the bridesmaid, never the bride, so he gets pissed and steals the rings. treat yo self
- shoe laces he was given from a child that he holds dear to what's left of his heart
- he fights using dual knives he stole from his old mistress
Race: Moon Vampyr (turned)
Ethnicity: Russian Italian French mix

Romantic / Sexual Orientation:
impenetrable fortress

NEPHELINE - Hates her with a fiery passion. But is thankful for the job.

VAENARA - She likes his jokes. That's enough to keep her around. He approves. 

ABANTES - The man, the legend-- oneday hopes to become just as big and strong as him. 

RAINA - Giiiiiiirl, baddest bitch in town. Loves you. 

AMADETTA - She's so lazy! kind and so generous... 

FRYE - Dental appreciation bro <3



Although he wants everyone to believe otherwise, Nonnte holds a heart of gold. He appears rude and abrasive upon first glance, speaking fluent sarcasm and throwing harsh remarks. He's rightfully earned himself many enemies behaving as such in his lifetime. Surprisingly, the vamp has no issues with that. It's the thought of friends that scares him - because he knows how vaulable friendship is, how terrible betrayal can be and most of all, how painful it is to lose precious people in his life. It terrifies him. That's why - if by some weird reason he takes a liking to you - he will first react by possibly being even meaner and more distant. But it would only be a matter of days before he would devote himself to you and do whatever it takes to keep you in his life (except sacrificing his dignity-- well, depends on how important you are to him). 
The way to Nonnte's heart is through jokes. If you can make him laugh, it's almost guaranteed that you've got the bastard interested. He likes wordplays and puzzles, and especially learning how a person ticks. He likes to give off the impression of being an antisocial asshole, but he generally is interested in what you have to share with him and will probably think about the words you said for a while, replaying the conversation again and again in his head.
He's very empathetic and moody, staying holed up in his room for days until his recovery, and he uses this time by re-arranging his room or changing the order of his bookshelf everytime. Nonnte doesn't enjoy being naturally attracted towards people who are emotionally "broken", because it always leaves him drained, but it is in his nature to repair what he feels needs "fixing".

    LUCK: +5

It was one fateful January, sixty-six years ago to be exact, that the Petrov family was graced with a baby boy. A running joke was that in his infancy he was storing up the energy to muss and fuss in his toddler years but one day after an inspection of his family’s shop, he had been frightened enough by the sight of one of the vampires that it sent him to the hospital. There it was discovered he had a weak heart and they’d been warned to exert caution with him. In the beginning it wasn’t all that hard, one parent would work while the other looked after him and then they switched as a precaution for if there was another inspection they could stow him away so there wouldn’t be another incident. The moment he was old enough to walk that became more difficult because not long after that came running. Long durations of exercise had proven to be a new concern.

The words of the physician who had diagnosed him became an impending curse that plagued their family. It had been claimed that he wouldn’t last beyond his twelfth year and to help assure he would both of his parents tried to keep him from things; being outdoors became a limited. They meant well, and he knew that with every year that passed, but it was during his ninth year that a stubbornness which hadn’t been within him so strongly before began to grow. Nonnte Petrov reached that rebellious and secretive phase of his life so early that he began to sneak out while his parents were busy with work once he had proven over time to be sufficient at entertaining himself without need for one of them to be present. For two years he’d managed to keep the ruse up where he would go out to visit an elderly neighbor lady who came from another town some ways from their own and had things he hadn’t laid eyes on before. Over the next two years he learned the various arts of fortunetelling from the older woman; palm reading and tarot cards being his favorites.

During what was supposed to be his final year Nonnte had managed to convince his parents to allow him to work. He claimed that he wanted to experience it but they were skeptical that he could take it when he pointed out there was something he had learned how to do which didn’t require any strenuous tasks. There was hesitation but they had agreed and within the first six months he’d become quite known for his oddly accurate readings. The Petrovs all believed it to be pure luck, even the one doing the readings himself, but they still found it quite eerie. One day a vampyr had come for a reading and he’d seriously bitten off more than he could chew on that reading. Without even having the chance to excuse himself after that reading to inquire with his parents about the matter—since they were all he truly knew and could confide at the time—something had happened and he blacked out.

When he awoke it was a week later much to his own chagrin and the concern of his parents along with the physician who has been taking care of him since he’d diagnosed his ailment. The first thing he couldn’t help but do was ask what day it was, the reason he knew the length of time that had passed, and then he realized her memories were fuzzy; almost dreamlike. Had he really seen a vampyr and given her a reading or was it all just a dream conjured up by his tired mind. If things couldn’t get even more confusing they’d sure as hell found a way to. The physician after giving another examination to check on his heart exclaimed how surprising it was to find his heart stronger than it should be possible. That his heart was no longer weak and he’d live as long as he was physically able to unless some other ailment should crop up in the distant future. While the matter of his heart raised some serious questions—ones he didn’t know the answer to—the Petrov family decided to take the miracle and leave it at that. Their son was as healthy as any other child now and they needn’t fear losing him the next year.

Or so they thought. The vampyr lady took a liking to the young boy, seeing great potential in him and taking him as her own son. She would feed him her own blood to keep him strong, and to make him forget his real family. First it was their voices. Then it was how they looked, until he was left by only a name, and it didn't take her long to make him erase those either. But the feeling of loss stayed with him. 

Once he was of age, she turned him into a full-fledged Vampyr, then dropped him completely. She didn't like how sad he always was and how moody he behaved. He was just kind of hanging around, until he stumbled into the community, and fell face first into a very irritable werewolf witch. She made him her servant, and though he groans and grumps about it, he was happy to find a new purpose for himself. 

Notes and Discord. c: 
Lit, script or just headcanons!

If the characters are compatible, yes. 

- Smart ass with little to no class. 
- Can play "Cruel Angel's Thesis" on the piano. 
- 6'4"
- Sometimes has conversations and arguments with himself. Outloud. Kind of like "You should've moved that to the left" "You fucking move it, lazyass" "We're the same ass"
"WHAT A BEAUTIFUL MORNING" "Shut upppp, I want to sleep more"
"Do I do this? Or that? What about this?" "UGHHH JUST DO SOMETHING" "Don't speak to me in that tone" 
- Self conscious about his fangy smile.
- Loves puns and dumb jokes. Even if he groans at them. 
- If you run your fingers through his hair, he will melt 100% 
- Enjoys dry humor. 
- Incapable of having casual sex relationships. He's your waifu for laifu
- Doesn't know a damn thing about fashion. 
- Interested in typography. 
Are you an official couple with the last person you kissed?

Looking back, did you ever think you would be where you are now?
Not even close, nope. 

Is a best friend pissing you off right now?
I don't have the time to be pissed. However, I do have time to waste on everything else. 

Are you happier now or three months ago?
Three months ago I was getting over a break up, and though I was happy with him, I'm much happier in my own skin now. 

If you could change your eye color would you?
I would, but only to see what it's like. I like my eye color tho. 

Does your ex still love/like you?
Don't know.

Do you think you’ll be married in ten years?
I don't know. I have trust issues. 

How has the week been?
Colorful. Everything all at once. 

Do you tend to hold a grudge?
No. I'm too focused on improving myself to stay bitter. 

Something you do a lot?
I get up and walk around when I'm excited about something or someone. It's weird. 

Can you commit to one person?
you bet I can

Who was the last person to hold your hand?
This one guy that's trying to flirt with me. 

How many chances do you tend to give people before enough is enough?
Not even one. I used to give too many. 

Do you think you and your best friend will be friends in 10 years?
Fingers crossed. 

What do you miss most about your ex?
I don't.

Can you recall the last time you liked someone?
Five months ago. 

Do you think you will be in a relationship 3 months from now?

Has a friendship ended recently that you wish hadn’t?
No friend endings here.

Ever given your ALL to someone who walked away?

Do you tend to waste a lot of money?
Ok but don't we all???

Are you one of those people who are always cold?

Would you rather be able to control the weather or control traffic?
I mean, you could stop traffic by controlling the weather. 

Are you faster at text messaging or typing on the computer?

Honestly - can you say that looks don’t matter at ALL?
Nah man, everyone has a certain type. 

I’ve got to know, who do you prefer: Mario or Luigi?

Have you ever changed clothes in a public area (not a dressing room)?

How many months apart is your birthday from your best friends?
3 months, 10 days. She's a Scorpio.

Yes or no: pigtails?
Depends if it fits the person or no. BUT IN GENERAL THEY ARE SO CUTE TO ME YES

Has anybody ever told somebody one of your secrets?

Do you get on better with funny or serious people?

Is your home town nice?
It’s okay.
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it-a me
when you take that one good selfie and use it for everything for the next 3 years HAHAHAH

guess who was too lazy to fully photoshop out the headphones


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